Scotland's Census 2022 - Fife's First Results

Key Headlines

More information for Fife can be found in the KnowFife Briefing - Census 2022

Total population 370,400

Households 169,600

When is further data expected to be available from Scotland's Census 2022?

Outputs from Scotland's Census 2022 will be published in phases. This reflects the additional work required to produce more detailed census statistics.
  • Population estimates - The first phase covers population and household estimates (September 2023) rounded (nearest 100) by local authority and age group (5-year age bands).
  • The next release will include unrounded population estimates by age and sex for small areas (output areas contain at least 50 people and 20 households). That release is planned for Spring 2024.
  • Topic summaries - In the second half of 2024 and first half of 2025, census data will be published for individual topics. This will begin to show a detailed picture of who lives in Scotland including information on ethnicity, religion, demography and migration, housing, education, labour market, health, disability and unpaid care.
National Records of Scotland are clear to highlight that these current timings are provisional and are subject to change.