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Community Profiles

Area Profiles

Fife is the 3rd largest of 32 Local Authorities in Scotland (based upon population). The boundary of Fife is set by the Local Government Boundary Commission for Scotland.  ​

Fife has a decentralised structure based around 7 Area Committees, which are the same as Health and Social Care Localities.  Each Area is built up from a local grouping of Fife's 22 multi-member Wards, within which are settlements (or towns). Select the Area that you are interested in finding out more about:​

ScotPHO Profiles

The ScotPHO Profiles present a range of indicators to give an overview of health and its wider determinants at a local level: Fife, Area (Locality) and Neighbourhood (Intermediate Zone). The profiles give a snapshot of health for each area and highlight variation through a variety of different visualisations.