Fife’s Regional Skills Assessment – January 2021 Update

Skills Development Scotland has recently published the January Regional Skills Assessments (RSAs) for all Regional Outcome Agreement areas, which are now available on their website, via this link.

Regional Skills Assessments (RSAs) include, regional and national unemployment, job postings data (weekly and monthly), regional PACE data and Universal Credit information, with the purpose of providing an evidence base to inform future investment in skills.

The Fife Regional Skills Assessment infographic can be found clicking here.

More information on RSAs can be found here. This page also includes access to the RSA Data Matrix which is a online tool providing the latest Labour Market Information (LMI).

Fife’s Business Base Report 2020

The 2020 Fife Business Base Report has recently been published on the Fife Economy Partnership website.

The report provides an overview of the type and performance of businesses that are operating in Fife.  It contains information about the different industrial sectors in Fife, in terms of the size, employment and productivity of their businesses.  Whilst most of the data relates to the pre-Covid period, the report contains a brief assessment of the initial impact of the pandemic on Fife’s businesses.

Click here to view the report.

Or, further information can be found on the Fife Economy Partnership website at:




Scottish Household Survey 2019

The Scottish Household Survey is a face-to-face survey of a sample of Scotland residents from all 32 local authorities, running since 1999. The survey covers a wide-range of topics in order to provide reliable and up-to-date information on the attitudes, behaviours and characteristics of individuals and private households.

Key changes for 2019 include:

  • Both Scotland and Local Authority level data has been published at the same time using the new SHS Data Explorer.
  • The annual report is shorter and contains a summary of the key findings for each topic.

Click on the links below for further information:

SIMD2020v2 vs. SIMD16 – Interactive StoryMap

An interactive swipe tool has been developed which allows us to see how the SIMD rankings for Fife neighbourhoods have changed from the 2016 SIMD to the 2020v2 SIMD. The rankings include areas such as the overall rank for the neighbourhood in Fife and also, how it ranks for other things such as Housing and Employment.

Click on the link to take a look: Interactive StoryMap

This post and the storymap have been revised as per the SIMD2020v2 revision.

Monitoring Equality in Digital Public Services

The Fife Centre for Equalities recently contributed to a study by the Open Data Institute (ODI) in to how digital public services adhere to the legal requirements which are set around discrimination.

Many public and private services are now moving towards becoming provided digitally and with the increase in technology in our lives, this is more than likely to rise. The report published by the ODI explores how protected characteristics of people using the digital services are being collected, to make it possible to tell how they might be affecting excluded communities.

Further details  from the ODI and the report can be found here.

A copy of the report can also be accessed here.

Scottish Household Survey 2018 Local Authority Tables

The Scottish Household Survey (SHS) is a survey conducted by the Scottish Government, used to evidence the composition, characteristics, attitudes and behaviour of households and individuals living in Scotland. Questions are asked face-to-face by an interviewer in homes all over Scotland. A random sample of the general population in private residences is used.

The Scottish Household Survey (SHS) 2018 Local Authority Tables were published on the 8th October 2019. These contain Local Authority level analysis that matches as closely as possible to the tables and charts that were published in September 2019 at National level in the SHS 2018 Annual Report.

The Local Authority Tables can be accessed in either a PDF format or an interactive Excel document.

Event: Let’s Leave No-one Behind: Poverty and Protected Characteristics in Fife Workshop

People who are already affected by poverty can also face additional barriers in accessing anti-poverty measures or initiatives due to their protected characteristics.

Join us to find out the key issues as Fife Council Research Team and Fife Centre for Equalities present their joint findings from their collaborative research on Poverty and Protected Characteristics in Fife.

Then participate in discussions, sharing what you are doing to reduce poverty and how we can all commit to the challenge of reducing poverty in Fife for ALL.

For more details and if you have any specific questions or additional requirements, contact Elric at, or call 01592 645310.

To register your interest in attending click here:

Working for Fife 2018

Fife Voluntary Action Group have recenlty published “Working for Fife: A Survey of Third Sector Employability Pathway Services in Fife 2018.”

The report takes a look at the scale and scope of third sector employability provision in Fife based upon data gathered from 27 third sector organisations delivering 41 different employability projects in Fife.

The report is a must read for both strategic partners and third sector employability providers.

You can read the full report here: Working_for_Fife_2018.