Expected Impact of Welfare Reform Changes for Fife by 2020

Significant amounts of money have been, and are being, lost to local people and the local
economy each year as a result of UK welfare benefit changes. The expected loss to the Fife
economy is estimated at around £153 million, per year, by 2020. That means that, on
average, each adult of working age will have around £655 less in their pocket each year.
The geographical impact of the changes is uneven, with poorer communities more likely to
be affected. The full impact of welfare reform changes has yet to be fully seen in Fife with
some reforms yet to be implemented.

This briefing highlights the expected impact for Fife:

Expected Impact of Welfare Reform Changes

Local Strategic Assessments 2018

Local Strategic Assessments 2018 for each of the 7 areas in Fife are available by clicking on the links below.

They provide an overview of new and updated local research and evidence relating to the 7 local areas, to help to inform the refresh of local community plans.

City of Dunfermline
North East Fife
South West Fife