1. This report is intended as a background paper to support local discussions in Fife around basic income.
2. It has been informed through collaborative discussions over the last year with-:
• International experts through BIEN (Basic Income Earth Network)
• Citizen’s Basic Income Network Scotland
• Glasgow and North Ayrshire Councils
• The Scottish Government
• Department of Work and Pensions
• Carnegie UK Trust
• The Royal Society for the Encouragement of Arts, Manufactures and
Commerce, known as the Royal Society for the Arts (RSA)
• Scottish Futures Forum
3. Public views on basic income are drawn from a survey of Fife People’s Panel members: Survey 28, 16 June to 14 July 2017.
4. This report highlights a number of issues that would need to be considered if a pilot of universal basic income is to be undertaken in Fife and/or Scotland.
5. It is intended as a pathfinder report for how Fife might go forward if it is to implement a pilot of universal basic income in a community in Fife.

The report can be accessed here