This project is designed to improve the educational provision in primary schools across a whole local government council through peer learning in reading and mathematics.  Additionally, the project will explore the practicality and utility of such methods to support primary-secondary transition. Rigorous evaluations have already shown peer learning to be effective in many situations, but this project will be the first to establish and evaluate large-scale systematic implementation.


  1. To enhance the achievement of primary school pupils in: core skills in reading and mathematics, motivation & attitudes, and transferable social & communication skills.
  2. To establish a council-wide initiative as a centre of excellence and to provide a template for others in the UK.
  3. To create an additional dimension to “Assessment for Learning”. Peer learning involves frequent feedback to pupils. The project will also involve feedback to teachers so they are better placed to understand and appropriately support their pupils’ needs.
  4. To explore the value of such methods for pupils as they move from primary school to secondary school, enhancing the partnership between teaching staff at the top end of primary and the lower end of secondary, improving curriculum alignment and progression continuity

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